We help entrepreneurs grow their business by increasing profitability and cash flow. Whether you are starting out or need a change in direction, we give you the tools to build a healthy business. Contact us for a tailor-made quote.

Business Strategy

If you are not planning for the long-haul, your business will fail. We help you formulate and implement a strategy to unlock the potential of your business.


One of the cornerstones of a sustainable business is accurate numbers. We track your income and expenses so you always know what to expect and where to improve.

Financial Coaching

An entrepreneur’s business and personal finances are inseparable. We explore your relationship with money so what happens at home does not damage your business.

Web Design

Google is the first port of call for most prospective clients, making an online presence vital. We create and maintain professional websites to showcase your business.


You have 10 seconds to communicate your message to site visitors. We write website content and blogs that engage visitors and increase lead generation.

IT Support

Technology rules our lives, which means few things are as vexing as a rogue smart device. We provide hardware and software support for Windows, Apple and Android users.

About Us, You and Working Together

Maureen Dry

Maureen Dry


Maureen loves numbers and talking to people about them. She is forever studying something or reading articles. Hot chocolate is her greatest weakness.

Estine Peitler

Estine Peitler


Estine has more than 15 years' experience in IT. After having a few cups of morning coffee, she is in charge of web design and all things technology. She is currently studying animal behaviour.

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